nside the chain is higher than the chain is the essence of SEO

in the chain of construction than the chain is more important, for the blind pursuit of the chain of friends, whether calm down, think about what is the customer needs of the site,


link believes that everyone is already familiar with SEOER,

‘s pursuit of it. In any case, the pursuit of status, reputation,.

indeed, link is really very important in the SEO industry, and everyone is busy pursuing quality and more link

even link transactions, so that the Internet is covered with a layer of black.

includes a lot of SEO companies, in fact, that is the use of links, this is a lot of rankings to do, of course, link is very important,

but I’ve seen a lot of companies. It’s really good to make your own pages, so the ranking is so high,.

, but also saw some enterprises do not rely on a lot of the chain, put their link to mention very high.

now everyone is too pursuit of external links, although for their own web site has certain advantages, but looking for the chain is a very difficult thing,

, especially some new sites, have no PR, even if PR is 3,

other people who are high PR are not willing to trade with you. I’m afraid to drag them down,.

I tried several stations, not on the outside of the chain will pull PR to 3 or 4

this is what I want to say in the chain, perhaps someone pays attention to, but for the deep analysis of the chain is very little

, the so-called inner chain, that is, web pages and page links,.

of course, as long as the website, will do this,.

but how do you make this a part of it,.


, then you need to do the following three points,

1. constantly updated the article, the speed of the information 1~2 chapter absolutely not.. so you need to wait for a long time, basically updated daily

more than 10 articles, and maintain a large number of original and pseudo original articles and content (do not see the original, that is difficult, in fact, there are many ways to do it. See your brain willing to do not want to think)

2. should be patient and persistent. Because waiting is a slow and long time to begin, the search engine will visit your website

is like an exploratory scout, and the frequency will get higher and higher. Basically, you can get the daily updates. It can be collected every day. That’s your success,.

then continues to update, but the number of updates can be appropriately reduced by.

3. is also very important. Add a lot of tweets in each page of the article you send

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