Thousands of webmaster lectures thirty first webmaster how to integrate their own resources

Thousands of stationmaster lecture hosted by

Anhui Internet Alliance has been to the thirty-first period, the period for everyone invited Liu Huafang Okur consulting founder, currently engaged in brand management, Web2.0 consulting, Social OS proposed the first domestic social model. Once engaged in integrated marketing training, served as editor in chief of the Internet Laboratory, currently serves as a consultant to a number of well-known marketing organizations.

, the main group, broadcast group, broadcast group (1500 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new four group: 27915544 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

today, let’s talk about the experience of integrating resources. Let me briefly introduce myself. I was 06 years of DoNews moderator, 07 years to help Dabeni do pcpie video search promotion, and later in a marketing training institutions do marketing training, then went to the Internet Laboratory editor. Now doing Okur consulting. I was miserable before 2006. I went to college for 01 years, and then dropped out of college because I didn’t agree with the University teaching. When I left college, I had only 200 dollars. It was entirely personal. I began as a purely personal webmaster do World Cup live at that time a day from Baidu tens of thousands of pure IP but later feel depressed. I chose the direction of media and marketing career. It also met a lot of friends I met Liu Ren, Hong Bo, BINGSHU from DoNews, a group of Internet circles and marine IDC Kingdom yang. From that time, I began to struggle with Baidu PR, and Baidu PR pulled a lot of Baidu fans to deal with me. In the 06 year, the DoNews community retained some of the original atmosphere of the community, and Liu Ren was also very willing to help new people. I met a lot of friends in it circles there. Many of them are CEOs and entrepreneurs now. I’d like to thank Liu Ren.

I learned a lot of media knowledge from Liu Ren, and laid the foundation for my rapid growth in the marketing and public relations industry. 07 years after I left Dabeni’s organization, I did YAHOO’s blog marketing, and met a lot of friends from the traditional media. I walk on the edge of the public relations industry, I am familiar with many companies CEOs, so also quickly established a public relations industry, the media industry, blog, Adsense this series of links a chain. I became a bond. Including the top ten domestic PR companies they often ask me to of course resources are resources is relatively young people, I usually do not keep them, unless some special requirements of confidential contact some of the chiefs. In the Internet circle is the same, because with sina, NetEase and other portal site editors, reporters are familiar with, so access to the news is also very fast, and their own to maintain a link role. For PR industry, help media friends

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