You need three hearts to do the website

a website is like a child of its own, growing day by day, day by day, and a little bit of accumulation on the top,.

at the same time, a good site can bring you a lot of benefits, bring you advertising fees, naming, and even bring the development and expansion of enterprises, so the website needs three hearts

1. careful

to view the site each connection, even if the existence of death, this article held that article. That article in the buckle to the users and search engines are a friendly attitude. Usually careful check by others or hang horse, flow, check the flow of the site is from what you came here. With his growing up, watching him grow up, I believe that your interests will increase

2. determined to

it’s important for a station owner. You can’t give him a day without your kids. Do not accompany him to play a day, then others will slowly think he is nobody’s child, search engine once, you still like this. You haven’t moved for the two time. You said he would come third times? He should be determined to maintain 3-5 original articles a week to enrich the content of his site. Let users get more useful things here, reduce the jumping rate

3 ordinary heart

After all, Baidu

is not my mother, Google is not my brother, so this is the rank size change can hardly be avoided, so we must have a common heart, do not do content for a station, garbage flows, you stand there will always be a good ranking

I’m from Monday peak, I hope everyone respects originality. Thank you

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