The broken things of the stationmaster Zhang Baiwan

also do not know how to understand the webmaster network, that is, after graduating from high school last year, on a few days broke college, go home and quit, at home to spend money to study the plane and three-dimensional production. Maybe I was a restless person, in the first half of every day online learning which went to Internet cafes to collect inside the website in aspects of the article, after copied to the U disk, second days to learn the local computer on the plane, because there is no way to access the Internet in the plane where the computer learning at the beginning of the search, the most is to make money and personal webmaster webmaster, now I know that I collected mostly from stationmaster net out, because for a long time, he borrowed 50 dollars from my sister, she also said after the first half of 100, because the webmaster articles every day to earn money this is what I want to do, feel a lifetime career. Spend 45 dollars to buy a space, gave a name, I want a good long time to think of to apply for a domain, it began a metamorphosis, or ready to do porn website, then download the program and Baidu Post Bar Post Bar Peggy is the same, because there was no computer myself only to the Internet bar go online to copy the contents, the methods of publicity now think it is very funny, is to Baidu Post Bar to send, in order to sell the station, is crazy about buying and selling to Baidu Post Bar sites, said this abnormal me let Google acquisition of 20 million, which was later a man to buy this domain I said to do porn station, said to me 200, I said to the 400, he said, let him think about it, then there will be no more. After that, because the site has no popularity, never more than 100, there will be no how to manage. One of my old classmates said, call my station to play with him, I will put the management password and account number to him, because he won’t play, all of a sudden my data to delete, no, that sad ah. Later, in order to get a friend a web site, is given to him, and use this space, that metamorphosis of the domain name has also been useless.

study is in half a year later, after the Spring Festival this year, came out to find a job, do the two do not add up to a ten day, did not work, you must do a lot of things, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. till, also no money, 500 dollars also, I thought it is better to go home to sleep! Just after the family bought the computer at home, is because of the computer that I really fell in love with the stationmaster net, because will also look at several times every day to learn about, have now or so. Do a website of our county during the period, I hope to do local portal, is really funny now in retrospect, may want a few days to see a netizen reply as: do local station three years development, the name of the site several times, also did not get data a few times, want to start well, not now, but I still did not give up the domain name, a domain name after all about is very rare, and that is one of my dream, I am not sure I can. "

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