Ways to enhance the popularity of subject resource websites

many webmasters choose what they have learned or are interested in, and set up resources like websites. The website of subject resource is the most practical website for users, but because of the influence of some subjects, the website atmosphere is not ideal enough. How in the specialty, the knowledge strong situation, strives for more users, lets the website atmosphere enliven, I discuss some superficial understanding:

1, site resources to enrich

in many cases, for some subjects, the same website how to make your own website innumerable, rise above the common herd recognized by the users, enrich the resources is the first?. You have to make sure you have absolute advantages in the amount of resources that you can win;

2, site resources to fine, distinguish between hierarchical


website has enough resources and quality standards. It is very important to ensure the originality and authority of the website resources. Secondly, we should also pay attention to distinguish the level of the website resources, and recommend the resources for the comparison.

3, use website resource itself to popularize website

this point, presumably every webmaster should know. For example, a WORD document data, we can in its header and footer to make their own advertising language. Of course, the better the details, the better. After downloading the resources, users may propagate the website two times through the resource itself, which may affect more people;

4, pay attention to the unity of knowledge and interest

discipline resource website often pays attention to the construction of professional resources, but often ignores the interest of the website. This is not easy to form user interaction, users often take the information to leave, and rarely can stay to communicate seriously. Suggest stationmaster in doing sufficient resource at the same time, can highlight the interest of the website. For example, can be added on the subject of professional online video, appropriate to add some entertainment projects, but also not excessive focus on entertainment, so will only distract attention, distracting;

5, pay more attention to subject news

some owners may not be aware of discipline news, in fact it is a very big role: it can let the webmaster first time to grasp the pulse, the latest web content material for the website, website to increase the user’s interest in reading, you can look at the specific before Shao Gui Hu wrote "informed traders survival: webmaster from today’s news", here no longer;

6, timely enable closed invitation to register

invites registration to be appropriate after a certain period of time. When site users and resources reach a certain base, choose to invite registration. This will deepen the user’s impression of the site. Of course, inviting registration is just a strategy. It needs the webmaster to grasp the opportunity.

7, scientific and rational application of integral system

many subject resource sites

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