tBuLu do not let the soft lost

just saw an article in stationmaster net, write still more real. The main content is directed at the current type of soft material to small webmaster adverse effects. Soft Wen, it should be said that the last two years more popular. In fact, we can look back, commercial advertising, show programs, media, gossip, editing, news, etc., are a kind of soft. As our webmaster publicity their website, propaganda, soft Wen mode is in two years popular. We can go to some webmaster websites, a large number of articles are mixed with the name of the site and web site. The contents are empty and similar, without the quality or direction.

the last year, I’m also learning the website optimization and operation aspects, as a hobby, so play, mainly or their own exploration. So some friends ask me which tutorials I see and where the tutorials are good. I’ll just tell him that the tutorials can look around, and don’t take it as a book or your own pattern. Even if the author of the article succeeds in such a pattern, you will not succeed if you copy it. Because the published model is too late. I remember the judge who won in China said that the model of success can not be copied, but the success of the bumpy road can be used as a reference.

in order to publicize their website, we have written a similar soft text. I think, the real soft Wen should comply with several points: first, originality. Some webmaster called him to do flow estimation is very fierce, update website also very hard, if call him whole literature, that is very difficult, so call them to promote the website, original content, are pseudo original. Soft Wen, it is best to write it out, even if the literary grace is not good, as long as their own real things, it is feasible. Second, do not just highlight product sites. Some people in the webmaster network published content is seen before, but the bottom of the site to promote their own.

do not let the soft lost. Especially the new entry webmaster, don’t think the article on the network is the book, is the road to success. You can put it plainly, and the mining gold is not exposed, and only dug clean, they will tell you, where there is gold, but you can only pick up a few stones.

do not let the soft lost. It is good to have courage to learn, there is no shortcut to learning, only by yourself, by their own real friends to teach experience, but also need to sum up their own, so that is their own.

PS: I like to see what I have seen on my own network. I have recorded it according to the thoughts of the site. It may not have the literary talent of flying, but these should be more authentic.

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