A5 marketing how accurate positioning of enterprise websites

positioning is the starting point of all product marketing. It is the root of whether the product can be accepted by the market. It has been mentioned in numerous books and cases and has been talked about by numerous experts and experts. However, the traditional enterprises can really put themselves into consideration, and the positioning of enterprise websites is very few. Enterprises in the online site, do marketing promotion, the ultimate goal is to achieve product sales, and the positioning of the site is the most critical. Error and bias website positioning, in an ambiguous state, will bring the entire marketing team to the wrong road, not only to confuse users, and even the marketing team will be confused, know that the funds and resources exhausted. To achieve precise positioning of city website, must analyze the industry, the target population, geographical coverage, such as the four major property management direction.

1: attributes of the product

enterprises, if they have the advantages of production and processing of some products, low-cost purchasing advantages and cooperative sales, can be listed as the focus of sales of these products. Analysis of the product’s style, appearance, the initial price can be accepted by customers, as well as similar products on the market price, function, quality, sales, to determine the product’s network sales price. Analysis of the profitability of a single product, the site’s monthly sales.

enterprise management and processing before any product, just want to build shopping mall to expand income on the market is selling products or hot industry analysis, do not choose popular industry, because nobody sold does not mean that no one saw this market. If the product determines the scope, the following is considered purchasing or agency, or cooperative sales.

two: crowd properties

determine product sales scope, target audience according to product function and purpose. According to men, women, students and other attributes division, in order to find the corresponding publicity media. Determine the property of the crowd, then come back to the market reference, determine the price range of the site sales products. However, the target population is not more widely as possible, to ensure that people continue to buy power, can support the development of website purchases on the basis of the detailed analysis to the crowd, in order to ensure the future promotion of a precise direction.

three: geographical attributes

e-commerce platform usually to achieve "monopoly" operation will be profitable, "here" "monopoly" refers to the brand influence monopoly. Relying on powerful web sites, the country has a shopping demand for Internet users to attract shopping mall, this process is undoubtedly relatively long. Enterprises should be based on marketing funds, logistics and distribution, to determine whether the site for the development of the country’s business, or for a regional operation. If the provinces or cities have strong purchasing power and consumption potential, city business to the regional mall proposal is based. Gradually expanding the scope of business sales. Narrow sales range, it is equivalent to publicity and reduce the difficulty of publicity.

four: business attributes

identifies the first three attributes and then makes sure they are bigger and larger

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