Do stand need to persist in making money only hope

to join the webmaster industry has been a year, and in the past days and nights, there have been sad, there have been joy. Sorrow comes from poor web performance and traffic ups and downs. Joy comes from countless efforts, finally admitted to the network, and have made considerable profits. And now all this seems to be nothing more than two words —- persistence.

many webmaster like complain, complain about why the big engine is not included in their web site, the engine is not included, it seems that the station can do the power of the station. But look at the website that this kind of stationmaster has, I believe to almost have collection and update not seasonable problem. Three days fishing, two days to bask in the net seems to be normal. What is more, today think this type of website popular, popular and profitable, it will fall to drill into, but the previous site could not operate well, then put the construction of a new website, you have the energy and power of


in fact, in the early days of the station, most people are the same, including myself. Because of the one sidedness and lack of personal knowledge, a person may not have huge data, and looking for their own website content on the Internet has become a lot and I like the webmaster in often do part-time. And this kind of search really takes a lot of energy and time, often boring industry knowledge, people read a few, then no mood to see. As a result, the update speed of the website can not keep up with, and their own psychology seems to pay attention to this point, the collector will begin to play his effectiveness. At one station, a collection of rules mining! Many webmaster is holding this attitude to the website operation, strictly speaking, to establish a high quality web site to make money, only this is not enough.

I have more than once advised all the webmaster to put down the collector in hand, at least to do, even if the acquisition, but also to change the title and the front one hundred or two hundred words. But in the present situation, some sites are almost gone and the collector cannot survive. For this situation, I can only feel very helpless, at the same time believe that the content of the collection will eventually be eliminated by the engine.

collection is a point, the site is a more important point is that web content updates, flat rate unsatisfactory. Many websites, you see today is, tomorrow to see this content not only highly with other stations, repeat similar, even the most basic as the site of the blood – content do not timely supplement, I think, this station will also fall in the wave of the Internet in the.

then the face of such a predicament, as a webmaster of you, how to do the first mentioned "stick"? In fact is not difficult at all, please listen to my suggestions to everyone, I hope everyone can learn and understand the truth, thank you.

1, from the first day of the station, it is clear that I want to do this station, and to do all engines included, have a good weight. If >

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