Answer new sites can not quickly profitable

website how profitable, is the first construction site, and then promotion, registered advertising alliance, alliance advertising profit. This is the way most websites make money. But such a process is usually long, because you get some new sites set up to promote traffic, which is already a long time, unless you can direct money in advertising in various sites at random. That way, from the flow of advertising profits, it is a long-term process. And many webmaster are in the process of walking, gradually give up. After all, now is not 04 years ago of the times, and now the site into one hundred thousand, and want to get traffic from this, itself is not easy.

if you follow this path, it’s almost impossible to make a quick profit. But our ultimate goal is to make profit, the flow of website promotion, the ultimate goal is only part of the profit. Without profit, the traffic has no real meaning. Before what, I have to follow a principle, the enemy can. Only when you fully analyze your present situation and the conditions you need to achieve your goals can you better utilize the limited resources to achieve the best results.

general website publicity way, summed up: paid advertising, search optimization, exchange / self-help links, message advertising (BBS post, QQ group and other instant information) and so on. Now let’s say something about these promotions.

1. paid advertising, you have to pay for advertising in exchange for traffic.

advantages: quick results, as long as you can afford to pay, in the big flow of site advertising, and then the introduction of traffic, persistence depends on your financial support.

disadvantage: the high cost of these, unless it can get more revenue from the site, we have to eat by advertising union needless to say.

2. search optimization: slow, the effect is great, because the search itself has a large flow of user base, as long as you can do the ranking up, the effect of traffic is amazing. And the persistence is high, unless you violate the rules of search after cheating, after all, you are eating by it.

disadvantages: slow, long, now do search rankings, included is a process not to wait for a short time, from the collection of new sites to be ranked, this process can be said to be long, of course, depending on different industries with different difficulty.

3. exchange / self-help link: this effect is general, unless you are those content more attractive site, or to introduce traffic from this, less.

disadvantages: the amount of engineering is not small, and the personal effects are common.

4. News advertisement: quick, usually you in a hot place, a short time into a relatively high flow, but generally such advertising, to remove the high probability of QQ, sending the message is the same, the effect is very short.

disadvantage: effect persistence > >

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