am not a general Webmaster in fact am a technical webmaster

first of all, I am a programmer, but not because I am a programmer to write the following paragraph, but the feeling of my site construction process. In stationmaster net, I once saw a word, the success of a website, there is nothing more than two. First, the rich, second, there are others who can not quickly follow the technology. Here, we can see the importance of technology for the success of a web site. I don’t have so much skill yet, so I’m not easily successful.

has no technology, not a website, but definitely not a successful website. Unless you are very rich. Talk about my situation: by the end of 2006, because I cooperate with others something, then bought a server, cooperation for more than 1 months, the money earned a little, but the cooperation is interrupted. The server is free. So, brewing a website, through the " planning " he began to develop slowly (spare time, sometimes a week do not write a line of code) until May 2007, formally launched. Because of the first time to do a website, I took many detours. This may be the legendary experience. Web site from pure dynamic to automatic generation of static HTML., from the previous Title are not added, changed to the current dynamic random loading keywords. From the beginning of their own manual upload, and now mad network resources. I deeply understand, to make a website that makes me satisfied, it is very difficult, and I am not satisfied with it. How do other people like it? Are programmers more perfect


is gratifying, from the beginning of August, the website every month has brought me close to 2000RMB, although this is only my one month’s rent, but still let me excited, as if in the presence of exaggerated high prices once confused I saw a little bit of hope is not too big. Appetite oh?. But IP has not broken through the 6000 mark so far. Ashamed. At the end of September, I found some problems of the Internet, especially there is a big problem in the interactive aspects of the user. So I started thinking about the next site, of course, this time there is power, and development speed is much faster, plus eleven long holidays, in mid October on the line. So far, close to 3000IP. No commercials.

my nearly 1 years of experience to do, keenly aware of the importance of technology. Creative implementation, collection and updating of websites, management of websites. Maybe you have many good ideas, but to use some technology, not only to give up or keep it simple. A lot of people have met, I have encountered, such as the fire is now online video sites, found that many people want to do, perhaps in thought, as long as I am a hundred independence, and so on, etc., so that you can solve the problem of bandwidth. Yes, this can be solved, and spell the hardware well… The money will not say. In fact, it can be solved by technology, how to solve it, I only know, I don’t know how to do it. Otherwise I’ll do it. But I know a company has done it.

acquisition updates, perhaps 99% of the webmaster will encounter this problem? Is it a locomotive collection?

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