Baby website in the end there is no profit model anatomical explanation

one, for crowd analysis,

if there is people benefit from our children 0-6 years of age, is assumed to be 0 year old children (25-30 years old married parents calculated), their parents at the age of 25-30, while the 6 year old parents of children between the ages of 31-36. So the age of our beneficiary’s parents should be between 25-36. These parents should have only 90% children. That is to say 6 adults and 1 children, to educate their children is not very understanding, coupled with their parents due to busy work, in fact, most of the real direct education is the child’s grandparents instead of parents. So we should grab the characteristics of these people:

these grandparents are very doting on their children, so they are willing to invest in their children, as long as they are good for their children, how much money they are willing to spend.

‘s doting parents, grandparents and grandparents, want their children to receive the best education.

so the crowd should say, as long as the average family can.

in short, the information needed for early childhood education and management, both from hardware and software, is very demanding.

said below, Tianjin baby nets ( the direction of development

two, the development of rational advertising business

Advertisement for

1. site

as the media, advertising is the main form of profit. But how we put up ads and put them in any form is a problem. My advice is in the following way:

product recommendation: we have preschool education, food and other aspects of the module, so we can recommend a certain brand is more suitable for children form. (of course, we recommend the brand should be a strict inspection), for manufacturers, our accurate customer base, is the best and effective way to promote the market.

graphic advertising: the form of print ads on small pages of a subsidiary page, or links to friendship and partner links (involving a wide range of advertising vendors).


text ads: text ads targeted to do, each channel advertising and channel items corresponding.

naming channels: the channel can do naming sponsorship.

2. online photo album, send home service by mail. Our users can register online to upload -> -> choose Edit -> pay (or free) -> photo process in the Internet, mobile phone or texting is obtained in the form of flushing cheap, home delivery service than the market. (for irrigation), we can cooperate with the service provider. Of course, the packages in the mail can be sponsored by the manufacturer

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