Supply network management strategy good faith management sincere development sincere treat others

gradually along with the rise of e-commerce, supply sites also has been developed gradually, there are goods website, wholesale website, but the nature of these sites are around the "goods" of my own, also runs a small supply site, site is small but has a lot of experience. I summed up the three strategies of supply management website: integrity management, sincere, sincere.

supply network first strategy: good faith management,

good faith as the traditional virtues of our country has been favored by many people, whether in reality or the store business websites on the Internet are so, must be honesty, to tell you a case, I hope you can feel something. I run the supply site in August last year, in October when the website development has encountered a bottleneck, the site almost no business, and I want to give up on this site has a customer, consulting me so many questions, I have answered patiently, determined to order 2000 how many goods, the time for me 2000 yuan of goods I will make 1400 yuan of money, I was afraid to come up with so much money, so the buyer explained the situation, to allow the buyer to take less goods, buyers only said one sentence: I’ll call you the money. Is this sentence changed my source site, I also did not accept his advance payment, but through cash on delivery of goods sent out, the No 5 days I received a buyer’s cost of goods, but also he brought to my website at least 20 customers, can be said that this is honesty the results of operations, if I think people don’t believe, not to, then my supply site may now have completely cross here, hope everyone in the business site must be "believe each other, believe their eyes," cash on delivery is the best choice, even if not sent the goods are up to a waste of postage.

supply network second strategy: sincere development

development is sincere about a supply network to aesthetic design and development must do website customer communication, customer service and other aspects of the work, first look at the appearance of the site design, the appearance of a supply of certain requirements and supply of goods "are related to each other, can be" to become like is a piece of goods, will be the site of imagine for the transaction of luxury, this is the site of the supply of aesthetic design. Supply site customer communication requirements of customer service staff to work on time every day, when the customer can give the answer in 3 minutes, when customers want to understand something of the goods to provide a detailed explanation, this is a good customer communication. For customer service service, I believe we all understand that I will later selling out just for money, more important is to do things Follow-Up Services, if customers feel there is a problem, then as long as it is reasonable request to give a positive response, to know the development of the site is not a few hundred dollars, but pay attention to sincerely, if only for >

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