WeChat operations how do make an article reading 5 million

when you see this title, may all say was the title of the party, the public, in the WeChat era of rampant, the general reading rate is not high, the amount of reading over one hundred thousand articles are large, you first do not worry about, listen to me slowly come.

I operate the public should be in March this year, around to see a few friends in WeChat public number, the number of fans 6, 70 thousand, every month has a very substantial income, even higher than my salary. In this regard, I have a great interest in WeChat public number, the original idea is also very simple, can do tens of thousands of fans, every month can be a little income is good.

But when

really do, also encountered many bottlenecks, the past few months I experience today, to share to you, hope you can trigger some thinking, today is to write out, no intention of showing off, just put this experience to share it, and a little of his own experience, hope to to see this article, the number of public operators play a useful role.

as people say, "we can’t succeed in every field. We can do one thing at a high level. That’s enough.".

spent the last few months in public, dreaming, even dreaming of his own public numbers. Through constant insistence and careful preparation, the day came at last. A 5 million + reading volume can be an amazing experience, even I can’t believe it.

well, let’s get back to business. How did I get an article on the WeChat public for 5 million of the reading,


first of all, introduce myself, Wang net, full-time micro signal operators, semi self media enthusiasts, while reading major is computer, but the network contact time is not long, WeChat this year began to contact the public.

didn’t know much at first. See WeChat do many types of public entertainment, carefully observe a period of time, the public number spread easily, not what content requirements, but also more suitable for novice area operation, without what thoughts, online there are a lot of Chicken Soup for the soul of the article, can be copied directly.

The disadvantage of

‘s public numbers is the need for fans to make better communications. The more fans spread, the faster the fans grow. Promotion has become a big problem for me, do two months later, also more than 1000 fans, the effect is not very good, almost want to give up, this time is not how to promote, usually push some funny, entertainment content, of course, also send the occasional rumors, sometimes will be deleted. This article is from the other, or get to the Internet to find, so it is not original, but sometimes will modify the title, and then change the pictures for the cover, then sent out.

, in the words of colleagues, is that we do not produce articles

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