The webmaster knows these 4 kinds of websites and you’re qualified

, a successful website, requires an understanding of the latest information and technology in the industry, and a webmaster who understands website operations and marketing. A qualified webmaster, to understand the following four websites, truly "Neiwaijianxiu" to ease.

webmaster information: personal eyes, Adsense network is the best information website in the industry. Here, the webmaster can not only understand the latest Adsense news, learning other people’s website operation experience. Wang is committed to the grassroots webmaster survival and development of the concept, but also for the webmaster network to create a more relaxed environment. no doubt has become the soft Wen "distribution center", the webmaster publicity is also the first choice of this "treasure land."".

: the webmaster community forum to discuss current events and help each other, exchange ideas cannot do without BBS. To say the laggards forum community, can be said to be the most famous one, over a million online, posting daily volume of more than 40 thousand figures can explain everything; it’s administrator "refuse swimming fish" could be the owners of the old timers, in many webmaster activities also have his presence; stationmaster net A5 forum is almost the biggest webmaster trading center, a community forum is very unique.

free statistics: with the upgrading of technology, market statistics is by four. List of martial arts has become the past, by the end of 08 and the emergence of statistics. ( and thunder Statistics ( test version; may be the reason of the fierce competition, CNZZ also launched a new version of… For webmaster, more statistics have more choice, it is a good thing. In this case, the webmaster should gradually try new statistical service, not limited to their own habits, because the flow of statistical data is for profit, marketing services (the old statistics of the existing lack of technology development in this area), this is also the statistics industry development inevitable trend.

promotion marketing: if you want to stand out from tens of thousands of websites, the webmaster doesn’t know how to promote marketing. In the Internet "eyeball economy" era, "wine is also afraid of alley deep."". Therefore, the promotion of marketing is particularly important. Here only to recommend a – Jiang Likun push ( more precisely, this is love by a group of Internet, the Internet has many years of planning, operation, experience in the promotion of the industry to create a free service website dedicated to the promotion of research. In the "push a" forum, there are free web site operators to promote training activities?.

wrote here, perhaps many webmaster predecessors has no intention of watching it, after all, these are the circle line. But for novice webmaster, to do everything is not easy to master. Then, the navigation station collected is standing Webmaster Station Network ( navigation station might come in handy, because from the time that a webmaster navigation station = Baidu +>

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