Online education case study NetEase cloud classroom crowdsourcing trial of Education

[core tips] foreign online education blossom everywhere, there are many domestic products are doing different attempts, Wang Yiyun classroom with NetEase open class content precipitation, what will change?

NetEase cloud classroom is NetEase’s new concept of Internet education classroom, to provide users with the teaching content generation, dissemination and consumer services.



class provides cloud NetEase covering multiple categories of quality courses, continuously updated integration of open class learning content, unified management; in the interaction through video, graphics, test and practice to bring about a better learning experience.


the power of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is not a new concept, the park geeks have written Sogou numbers through the data collection model is the use of Crowdsourcing, through the user marks to identify telephone harassment, then mark the user’s data sharing to the server, use wisdom to build the database of the public, share.


The Internet Education NetEase

cloud classroom is not like the traditional education platform by making curriculum participants only need to follow the prescribed order of learning, the NetEase Open Cloud classroom curriculum to establish common user permissions, by the user to create their own learning content, to establish the course through the Crowdsourcing mode, everyone can become the curriculum creator, collect the educational resources on the Internet share learning.


at the product level, the NetEase for the course provider cloud classroom provides a rich curriculum display tool to help teachers to build a professional and efficient Internet teaching environment, the different disciplines and different forms of curriculum can fully teach. The platform also provides a free environment for communication and interaction between teachers and learners.


‘s attempt at open class

NetEase cloud class is not NetEase’s first attempt at education, NetEase’s NetEase open class has achieved good results.


November 2010, the NetEase launched the "global elite open class video project, launched the first batch of 1200 sets of courses, including more than 200 sets with Chinese subtitles, users can watch free online from the Harvard University and other world-class and domestic schools of public courses.

network open course includes many foreign schools, covering the arts, humanities and social, financial and other fields, Netease Open Class voted to take what is the progress of translation strategy, let the user decide the first translation, the content of heat.

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