Robin Li Ma you can not fight it

would have been no problem, the two "boss" in their own territory in Zhanshanweiwang, this winter suddenly busy playing.

What’s the matter with

? The reason is simple. Robin Li suddenly do not want to act as a master in the lonely in the search market, wanted to knock a electronic commerce, with the so-called "Feng Qingyang" test of some ma. Sagittarius for a time Robin Li and Ma Yun kill snafu, closecall.

China’s enterprises are confronted with the tactics of struggle when their opponents invade, and most of them are in this mode, so the above situations almost always appear again and again. Ma Yun and the year’s EBAY eBay, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng have fought, regardless of the high and low, do not give up. This is not the Internet patent, export factories are met, the buyer did not like the game "bargain", direct killing his opponent’s throw away everything when fleeing.

This happens to be

1000 years ago Cao Zhi, the famous "seven step poem": This is the same root, fratricidal. Some really do not understand, all in twenty-first Century, how these rivers and lakes chiefs, the form of duel is still so primitive,

?We are optimistic about the

e-commerce, this is not surprising, but not necessarily for a "carrot" to fight a fight at outrance


I don’t think so. When Taobao beat EBAY eBay, is not playing out? Certainly not, if not because it firmly with "free" hit the soft underbelly of today’s "boss" is probably the latter! Ma’s cunning, is to let you see only the fighting fun, but people ignore the essence of his fight.

What is the essence of

? Everyone believes that there is no free lunch in the world. Why does Ma want to do it again and again, and three do not hesitate to let Taobao free? The reason is simple: he needs popularity. A SHOPINGMALL, repair the beautiful, no one is no good. So Ma last ditch, a free C2C (person to person e-commerce), losing money earned crying, etc. Renqiwang him to earn money.

that is a problem today, Robin Li and Ma Huateng, need not to need to repeat this? No! Now, Robin Li Baidu, Ma Huateng QQ, that is a racket, like clouds to guest. The mall hasn’t been built yet, and the door is full of people. What’s the trouble? What’s the fight with your opponent?

so, Ma second steps to think of things, Robin Li and Ma Huateng can think of the first step – – how can we become popular in cash?

as for how to become money, it depends on the skills of Baidu and Tencent. For example, can you analyze the Tencent’s QQ and Baidu’s post bar are what users, and then skip the front of the "C", and directly to the money making "B" (enterprise). If the QQ is to young students, it may wish to sell toys, children’s clothing, sell sell sell bags, stationery, books and so on all students selling machine businesses pull in.

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