Thinking about the promotion of peer products


a few days ago, the author received a parking facility from Shenzhen to Changsha and parking locks manufacturers boss. Conversation that, there are a number of electricity supplier companies from the manufacturers to take goods, and then OEM sales, its operating status is diametrically opposed. I read the company’s last year’s bill, analysis of the company only slightly profitable. Why the same product, its operating situation will be a great difference, please allow me one by one anatomy.

1, parking locks A manufacturers current situation

the manufacturer mainly produces parking spaces, locks, road locks and other parking facilities. Its main sales channels for online search engines, offline dealers. The author sees its website, it is a very simple and crude site, even open with Google browser, all be dislocated. This site’s SEO is also done so carelessly, Baidu traffic is 13. But the company put a lot of Baidu bidding ads, put the region for the country.

conversation during the meal, the company’s parking facilities products mainly in parking locks and deceleration belt is the best seller. The biggest source of customers is the following distributors and OEM brands; the second largest source is the engineering bill brought by Baidu, and SEO’s customers are almost negligible.

analysis: the company is a manufacturer and has a cost advantage of the product. Secondly, the product line is relatively wide, such as parking facilities can be crossed with traffic facilities. Finally, the manufacturer sells a large quantity of products, so its profitability is good.

two, OEM brand B

B brand for OEM products, but also from the A manufacturers to take goods, and then packaged for sale. From the B website filing information, I see that a brand operating company in Shenzhen. Its products are mainly sales channels search engines, almost wireless, salesman and other teams.

brand operating companies on the Internet to shape brands, really have a set. B’s website is very atmospheric, and its brand, logo, product promotion page, video and customer case are first-class in the entire parking facility site.

B brand in the Internet promotion, mainly rely on SEO, PPC, Baidu know platform and soft Wen promotion. The brand operating company’s SEO level is good, there should be a team in operation. And its PPC and soft Wen and so on, always in constant publicity B operation of this brand, let the brand word in the Internet related places everywhere.

analysis: OEM B brand success is not accidental; first, the high-end product positioning in substantial profits; second, precision bombing as brand marketing, advertising network alliance is highlighted in the "B" brand word; third, B and A are the same as Shenzhen, single and wholesale products directly from A manufacturersnahuo, omitted Logistics costs, inventory risk, make the cost lower.

three, personal operation C

C is the city boy, I search the information on the Internet, found that C from the 80 building forum. >

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