Analysis of these years in the light blog around the head of the profit war

The decline of traditional

blog depends largely on the content of the carrier in the form of backward, long article reported lack of intuitive reading impact, plus it is a fast culture era, everyone pay attention to efficiency, hope can read the content they want, in the shortest possible time so that the traditional blog the decline is more deserved. However, in the traditional blog transformation, the emergence of light blog, or give everyone a bright spot of feeling. Although there is no WeChat, micro-blog and other media speed transmission, but light blog created by the circle or a lot of people resonate. In fact, in recent years, the domestic light blog really go out of their own way, and no development, completely imitate the foreign light blog only, whether domestic or foreign, we are facing the same problem, that is profitable, and like the bean, light blog to create a circle, and the circle to talk about money is bound to affect the feelings, so do stand in this tangle of mentality, light blog started blur their development prospects.

In fact, for the light

blog, the user group is after training up slowly, many people in the beginning don’t even know what light blog, and slow accumulation is to let the light blog not eager to take the road to profitability, after all the basic needs of users is the most need to pay attention to the problem, and if eager to profit, loss of user groups, but The loss outweighs the gain.

can be said that the current light blog group, which is essentially come out from a group of people in the first, this part of the user is not prepared to pay for, but if you can not find a new route from their own operations now light blog, so although this route is very beautiful however, it is difficult to go far, not to mention the profit point.

If the

light blog to get stable income, the inevitable need through advertising this part of a stable income, but the light blog as a new blog group, certainly not with the previous blog advertising model, light blog can not be in a crude form of advertising advertising, and the first light blog theme do not meet, reflect the extreme resentment next this for users, is very unfavorable for the light blog this fragile population development in the future.

so if you want to get a stable future light blog advertising revenue, then it may be through a new mode to start with the related advertising operator services, to develop their own advertising profit model, through innovative advertising model, in order to let consumers get better recognition, so as to bring fresh from the long term for consumers to bring more profits to the operators.

take their own way, and not

for today’s light blog, the most important is to go its own way, know what to do, what to do, how to promote the development of its own platform, this is the need to grasp the development direction of light blog, in some forums now. "

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