Local standing outside the network promotion book

1. where the essential one, and I think one of the essential. There must be beautiful women standing around the station. Activities can be held a lot, wear a web address T-shirt, find a beauty, sexy beauty, to flow places. There are local super girls, friends, and so on.

2. alliance with businesses, you can allow businesses to provide some small gifts, as a website activity prizes, both publicity businesses, but also publicity of the website, to achieve mutual win. Open columns and interact with customers and online marketing, the website is afraid no one to use, as long as someone uses it, there is vitality. Your website soon got around. For example, with the florist to provide online ordering one-stop service, and concessions, features, not other flower stores.


cooperation with traditional media and traditional media in the local has large number of users, and their cooperation, such as the establishment of a forum on BBS, providing news source for them, and to spread out the sound of the door. In addition, you can also work with local information newspapers to increase exposure through resource swaps. If you have the chance, meet a few local media reporters, and with their help, your website will be more active.

4. works with the government. At this point, the site users greater brand influence, publicity, government image, publicity City, so that more public recognition of the site.

5. contacts with the local computer company, you help them advertise on the website, or send them GHOST disk, mouse pad and so on. They put the http://s.www.yanhuqu.com icon on the desktop while installing the machine, or add favorites to the home page, but it’s better to have navigation content.

6. website is a mass of information carriers, to achieve localization, we must strengthen local originality. Restricted by resources, local news websites have limited original news, and more content comes from reprinting. Therefore, on the one hand, local news websites can make a contribution to the production of original news, and directly participate in the publicity of local construction results on the basis of their own resources. For example, the Taiyuan news network reporter is often sending text and video their coverage of local events, so that users can timely and accurately understand the occurrence of the local news website to expand the visibility and influence.

7. resource utilization. Use local matchmaking agencies, clubs, and agencies to enrich your website. The dating agency to provide real-time matchmaking information published in my website, contact is of course the dating agency contact telephone number, are conspicuous in their dating place, and the data card do my website advertising, practice, dating website and get the win.

8. will set up a local volunteer team.

9. local portals and Internet cafes cooperation is imperative, such as Internet cafes posters, computer wallpaper, mouse pads, advertising and other promotional methods are too numerous to mention, paving a web site and Internet cafes mutually beneficial

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