ndividual stationmaster wants to learn from the failure of Microsoft

, the world’s largest software giant, has a huge brand and cash flow, according to the latest issue of Fortune magazine,

. But in the face of Google, Microsoft still can not get its own place on the internet." In the face of a strong attack on Google and Microsoft in the search field of retreat, according to statistics, in the first quarter of September 30th, Microsoft online services revenue of $770 million, representing an increase of 15%, operating loss of $480 million, compared to an operating loss of $267 million.

I was a little confused when I saw the news, but I was very calm and thought it over, and that’s what it really is. When we opened the day when Microsoft control of the windows operating system to the Internet, few people thought we are so familiar with the Internet business, in addition to the operating system and IE browser, how many direct appeal with Microsoft. When we need to query data, in addition to Baidu is Google, when we think of what Live used Search search information? Personal webmaster every day is about Google of their PR, what reference included Microsoft PR or Live Search? But again, when I saw this news, I very calm. Even if Microsoft in the Internet search field army retreat, but for ordinary consumers, this does not affect our confidence and desire for Microsoft products. We still will not hesitate to pursue genuine operating system of Microsoft, when Microsoft has vowed to do black retaliation, we had no choice but to close, very upset to pray this black moment to end. That is to say, Microsoft even failed in the Internet field, but we can not see his fall.

Microsoft in the field of Internet failure, in fact, give us China’s individual webmaster a clear enlightenment: we can always do their own familiar business, never go after the big and all of the ideal.

recently made a small station, although the original idea is very simple, just hope to find a quiet corner, do what you like. But after a few webmaster BBS, by what PR and external links make a little dizzy, originally calm heart was made a little choppy. But I was very calm, to see so many webmaster hurriedly take Z-Blog to do a blog post, then full of Google advertising and search alliance, in the face of the Ip flow weak everywhere, burst into tears, I was a bit unbelievable: what shall we do a wretch to dream to get rich? What’s more, many personal Adsense dream rich are reluctant to invest, even the placement of Z-Blog space is tens of dollars of junk host, open a text page would spend ten seconds of time, I would like to ask the Webmaster: when you are faced with a need for ten seconds to open the page, you will feel calm and wait for us even? A sentence full text > no plot

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