Teach you how to do a good job of clothing display

for clothing store investors, in order to break out of the market, we must pay attention to all aspects of the clothing store, including clothing display. There are a lot of people do not pay too much attention to the clothing display, in fact, ignore its invisible sales force. Do you want to know how to dress up? Xiaobian teach you.

1, contrast color matching. Is that cool color contrast to warm, like: Green wear red clothes, wear blue yellow clothes, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, with pay attention to warm and cold colors.

2, uniform color collocation. Uniform color of the clothes together will give people a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the unity of the color system with the same style, the same is not put together, so as not to feel like a warehouse.

3, rational use of living area. The so-called living area is facing the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the first area, otherwise the dead zone. To push their own style in the main living area, the other style on the dead zone, which can greatly promote sales.

4, the number of models to control. Some operators believe the model more easily showing effect on many models in their own shops, but will have the opposite effect, make people feel some of this brand of "water", the so-called "rare", the best wear styles in the model has the best effect.

5, the rational use of live models". Shopping guide is a live model of clothing, which style they wear will sell what style, which is a good way to reduce inventory.

6, time to be in place. To understand who is every day to buy clothes, to dress as an example, on Monday, two or three, four are full-time wife, so you can put some fashionable and unique style, the high price of clothes in the living area and put the model on. On Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, most of the people who go to shops are women who work at ordinary times. It is best to hang the clothes in the living area and the model.

7, store display to have a sense of rhythm. Do not put the color system is too rigid, the left side of the store is the right side of the cool color is too uncoordinated, warm and warm with a sense of rhythm.


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