What conditions should be required to open a moving company

although the moving company is now a good big market, there are many people want to start such a business venture, however, only with the relevant conditions before they can achieve success. So, the need to open the moving company what conditions?

outside the territory of Mr. Wang calls reflect, they want to open a moving company, want to know the specific conditions of the opening?

answer: according to relevant regulations, the specific conditions are:

1. has a complete corporate charter and legal representative.

2. want to open a moving company, need to have the corresponding professional and production personnel. Among them, the production personnel shall be at least 8 persons, all staff members must be at least one year of age, and the employee shall sign a legally valid employment contract in accordance with the provisions of the contract. All the above personnel have the laws, regulations and basic business knowledge related to handling and loading and unloading.

3. wants to open a moving company, also need to have a fixed office space and the necessary communications, office equipment and facilities. Rental housing, site facilities as a business, office premises, must be signed for more than one year valid lease contract.

4. has the production vehicle, the tool equipment which adapts with the scale of operation. Where the production of vehicles with a minimum of not less than 2 vehicles.

5. moving company opened minimum registered net assets of not less than 100 thousand yuan. Liquidity is more than 20% of the net assets of fixed assets, business accident margin of $20 thousand.

only have all aspects of the conditions, so that the venture is worthy of investors have. So, if you are ready to start the venture capital companies, know what needs to meet the conditions? In short, the moving company market is very large, as long as the conditions are met, you can make a good business oh.