Part of the region’s entrepreneurial costs lower than 30% of Beijing venture to small cities more li

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs want success, then the cost of starting is to take control of a good, especially now in some big city, entrepreneurs in the entire business cost is still high, some small city in start-up costs but not high.

in the Binhai New Area public business   highly innovative tide of many young people on the scene, they had just graduated from college, also after a few years of work "the sea" in the workplace. For them, the entrepreneurial cost is that they face the first stumbling block". Bohai Morning Post reporter found that with a large number of incubators, the public record space emerged, entrepreneurs can enjoy more preferential policies in the Binhai New Area of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is quite "cost account" can be considered.

start-up costs

less than Beijing

"for start-ups, start-up costs still need very careful in reckoning." Mr. Zhu gave reporters calculations: if you need to rent office space, 100 square meters of office in accordance with the basic standards of field calculation, site fees + property fee + + utilities office supplies about 15 thousand yuan per month; office facilities, meter, computer printer + + Basic + + appliances office furniture office one-time investment of about 30 thousand in addition, there are yuan; personnel costs, including pension insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance + business + insurance maternity insurance + housing fund, as well as the holidays of the various benefits etc..

"actually the most difficult to control the cost of operating costs, the cost is all made around the business model. Including product development + management expenses + marketing + entertainment, etc.. In this way, all kinds of costs can not afford young entrepreneurs." In Mr. Zhu’s view, entrepreneurship can not rely solely on enthusiasm, but also through a variety of ways to estimate their entrepreneurial costs. And in the face of the pressure of these real money, the government should also build a variety of more passenger space, hatching recommendation