Need to prepare to open the ramen shop

Chinese we love to eat noodles, pasta in China is one of the staple food, there is a great demand, open a noodle shop is a lot of entrepreneurs who wish, after all the noodle business is very simple, but the profit is also very high, entrepreneurs are very love the rich project! The novice is to open a noodle shop, such as the simple operation of the store, and then we’ll look at the novice entrepreneurs to open the ramen shop needs to be prepared!

for entrepreneurs entrepreneurship process there are many problems that need attention, many customers, natural business better, open a Hand-Pulled Noodle franchise is so, no business experience in the friend is ready to work, then open a Hand-Pulled Noodle stores novice to learn what knowledge? After reading these points, you know what you’re going to do!

since it is to open a noodle shop, then choose the brand is the key to choose a good brand, equal to half the success. Franchisee in the choice of ramen brand, we must pay attention to investigate its brand strength, follow-up support, etc., must find a more powerful and well-known brands.


to find a suitable project, the next step is the location, details and contents of many, so investors in the selection of shop location, business scope and operation to clear their position, but also consider their target consumer groups, to study to see which areas open Hand-Pulled Noodle stores more ideal number. Surrounding traffic is good, is also the site must be carefully taken into account, this is Hand-Pulled Noodle franchisee should be considered in the selection of shops. The best bus station near the shop, and to provide the next station taxi.

decoration is operator must seriously link, according to the shop area, the basic design of the layout structure of bathroom decoration, from the store to the door, hall, etc., in the decoration process should pay attention to, there are professional design guidelines and requirements of general headquarters, and the operator also according to the actual situation, make a reasonable layout, ventilation, drainage, electricity, circuit should pay attention to, then the choice of decoration materials should pay attention to the decoration, there must be a reasonable plan to open a new Hand-Pulled Noodle stores, to determine the kitchen personnel number, the technical level of the kitchen layout and equipment, menu and product standards, staff, in determining the kitchen how to determine the proportion of staff, according to the workload, according to job description, because people do Gang set and optimize the post combination.

shop to do business, although not so difficult, but it is not very simple thing, see here, you open the door to the novice entrepreneurs who have a step to understand the steps? No matter what are you doing business, before the opening preparations have been positive, so as to protect their income, so if you have to open a Hand-Pulled Noodle stores interested, will be in the shop before ready!

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