How the shop should be placed flowers

is to purify the air, or in order to appreciate, in short, many shops now have a lot of flowers and plants, however, how to put it has become a problem plagued the owner. If placed incorrectly, not only can not play a positive role, but also may affect the development of store business. So, the shop should be how to put flowers?

is a women’s clothing store opened new decoration, store bought a lot of green plants, and have green dripping Guanyin and other large plants, there are many glass bottles of flowers, to purify the air, beautify the environment and.


manager will Scindapsus aureus and other large DSGY pot placed at the door of the left and right sides and each corner, the glass flowers display upper, hanging plate, cashier’s booth, etc. on the side, placing the plant very much, the shop looks Spring is in the air.

opened more than a month later, two female customers with a small boy of five or six years old came to the store, the female customers in the trial of clothes, the two little boys in their own play in the game, the first time, the first time, the two young girls in the shop. When the customer to try when Huan, heard the sound of broken glass bottles and a little boy crying, customer hurried over to coax a child, one of the manager said: "how do you put the vase do not know? If you hurt the child to see how you can afford!" The manager had to apologize again and again, these two customers naturally what clothes did not buy away.

store manager knows, they questioned the location of the store manager put the vase is not.

but, how should we put it?

a lot of brand stores will buy some plants and flowers to decorate the shop, but in the shop can play what role? First, a large pot, some people think it is used to purify the air, it was also considered to fill some gaps in the area, and even people put them into the window, that can attract customers.

let’s think about the functions of green plants.

large pot can attract customers? To answer this question, first of all, to think about what kind of things to attract customers? Of course, some of the novel, beautiful, strong visual impact. The pot, it is very common, naturally nothing attractive, so do not expect the pot to attract customers.

green plants to some extent have the function of purifying the air, but not because it can purify the air filled with all kinds of plants, after all, can not be overwhelming.

landscaping is the primary role of the pot. Shop big, functional areas will be more, some of the functional areas can be potted to embellishment, such as the rest area and the area is slightly larger VIP rooms, etc..

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