What are the new ways of car washing

said that with the increase in the number of cars, car wash shop investors are more and more. However, the cost of operating a shop involves a lot, in the role of science and technology, many new car wash began to be applied. So, what are the new car wash?

with the progress of science and technology, the car model is also quietly changing, used to see the most is the car wash cloth bucket with the rhythm, and now use the automatic washing machine computer to replace the manual washing, become the mainstream of the washing mode. Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the new car wash several ways:

1. car wash

the use of self-service car washing equipment, car owners to do their own body cleaning work, cleaning time, water consumption is relatively small, but the lack of effective maintenance work.

2. car wash

The use of

automatic computer washing machine for vehicle cleaning, can effectively put the car paint surface soil dust removal, after washing liquid, overall clean wax, make the vehicle bright and smooth. Deficiencies may be mixed with dust in the scrub, the use of a long time to paint the car easily wear.

3. contactless car wash

the whole cleaning process and vehicles without contact with high pressure water washing vehicle, with foam and wax, to achieve the maintenance of the car paint effect, finally dry the body. The whole process is fast, safe, not only to allow the car to wash as bright as new, but also to bring customers not the same car wash enjoy.

4. waterless car wash

first use duster to remove dust on the surface of the car, and then spray a small amount of water on the surface of the paint vehicle is dirty, wipe with a cloth. And then use a special cleaning agent to clean the body, to keep the car’s paint smooth. Wipe glass with a glass cleaner. And the car tires and other related cleaning work. Waterless cleaning effect is good, does not damage the car paint, but the site is not easy to clean the powerless.

so, if you are a car wash shop operator, if you want to make your own shop business has been booming, not affected by the development of the times, nature also need to carve out more new car, so as to meet the needs of more consumers, let the store business is more prosperous.

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