Five point illogical entrepreneurial thinking must avoid

entrepreneurial market there are two kinds of people, one is to take risks, dare to fight, willing to try new things, and the other is the opposite, do not like to put into action, always worried about the results as expected, fear of failure.

The following

1. ‘it’s too hard.’

2. ‘I’m not good enough.’

however, if history reveals what the business world to us, that almost anyone can become successful entrepreneurs. Drop out and failure is common in the past so big company executives today. It is not by chance that they have come to this place, not because they have some special genetic codes, but because they believe in their own ideas and work hard to achieve them.

3. ‘I have no resources.’

this cognition is likely to be true; you may not have the necessary resources to start their own business, such as capital, partners or equipment. But this destructive thinking suggests that you won’t be able to get access to resources, and that is illogical – in today’s public sector and networked world, almost everything you need to start a business

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