Shop novice online shop notes

now open shop has become very common, at the same time, more and more people began to join the network business, at the same time, for some beginners start shop who, for the need to pay attention to many things in the online shop, what are the specific, let’s look at.

select OK to join the project online shop? Today, the online shop has become a very important trend of entrepreneurial projects, if you want to take part in the Taobao venture but not enough money, you may wish to try online shop. Open shop online venture capital is small, but the venture is small, the details please see the following details.

from the start of funds, such as opening a store, facade rent and decoration costs, as well as the first batch of stock funds, at least a few million; and the online shop needed to start a fund is much less, as long as there is a computer with internet access can be set up shop, but not to increase the quantity of the goods to expand the business area, have to extend Business Hours and additional cost.

from the flow of funds, the store to purchase funds less thousands of yuan, more than a few million; and the online shop is not need Yahuo pressure of funds, can have orders to purchase.

To determine the

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