War Within Three Kingdoms creator Huang Kai talk about entrepreneurship

War Within Three Kingdoms

is a very popular game now, his original is a youth entrepreneurship, here, Xiaobian tell us about this young man named Huang Kai entrepreneurial story, hope to be helpful to everyone!

2004, Huang Kai participated in the college entrance examination. Parents wanted him to go to medical school, but his eyes only painting and games. Eventually, he admitted to the Communication University of China Animation School of game design.

One day

2006 in the summer, went to Beijing for a foreigner to open Huang Kai with friends "games" play "kill" game – this classic game was just the rise in the country. Huang Kai with fun and inspired, he would like to learn from similar principles personally compiled a game out, creative impulse.

through continuous research and improvement, Huang Kai "War Within Three Kingdoms" prototype released, named "Three Kingdoms". He made a number of game cards, in the first half of 2007 began selling shop in Taobao.

homemade "War Within Three Kingdoms" open shop selling, the popular game on both sides of the Changjiang River

see mother live free, Du Bin requisitioned her family do free labor. Huang Kai and Du Bin on the computer to design a good picture version of a square size, to store the inkjet printing, printing comments to the card, and finally by Du Bin’s mother with a guillotine put into a picture card game version. A year later, they sold a total of more than and 100 sets, not too much, not too small.

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