On behalf of the driving force to join you to find a good project to make money

generation driving hot demand, a lot of friends want to join the project on behalf of driving, this idea is good. On behalf of the drive to join it? Many people have doubts, to find a good project, on behalf of the driver is still very reliable. So what are the generation of driving on behalf of the project? Let’s take a look.

quickstone drive was established in 2011, belongs to Shanghai quickstone Cci Capital Ltd, through mobile Internet technology to improve the traditional driving on behalf of the service industry leader. Now, through the generation of mobile phones on behalf of the application, you can launch on behalf of the driving needs, in the distance from the last 5 generations of driving master choose to provide you on behalf of the driving service.

drive to join reliable? On behalf of the driving service has the following advantages:

1, 39 yuan (including within 10 km) of the ultra low generation driving start-up costs, saving the cost of customer use;

2, far more than the traditional generation of driving speed,   an average of 7 minutes to reach the maximum reduction in customer waiting time;

3, the perfect driver recruitment process, drivers must be greater than 5 years, and must through written examination, interview, training, test etc. the strict test, to ensure that the driver’s professional skills;

4, the first generation of the generation of driving liability insurance, once the reason for the generation of driving the driver of the accident occurred, Kai on behalf of the drive will be a tube in the end, to ensure that the interests of customers from loss.

generation driving is a kind of trust, is a kind of trust, kaitone is committed to driving on behalf of every customer to provide more high-quality, comprehensive service on behalf of driving a car, so that users can rest assured entertainment, comfortable home, let the generation of driving become a way of life, let more user experience department technology upgrade brings convenient life.

drive to join reliable? Now on behalf of the demand for more and more fire on behalf of driving is also a very good choice to join. If you are going to do a small business, you can consider looking for a generation to join the project. On behalf of the drive to join the low threshold, good market prospects, look forward to your participation!


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