What are the methods of cigarette display

is a no matter what kind of shops, if the customer after the door to find what they need. Half are not found, the shop’s products is such a venture would reel right and left, sought after. Therefore, the opening of the smoke Hotel, on the display of tobacco and alcohol should be a bit of effort, neat arrangement and reasonable distribution are very important, good sales of things to be classified, take the time is also relatively easy. In this paper, the detailed description of the relevant methods and experience of smoke Hotel display, to help open the smoke of the hotel’s friends easily display tobacco, put a good effect, to achieve the purpose of increasing sales.


is busy making the cigarette price, how to arrange the retail customer counter and how to put the cigarette in the right way has become an important part of the daily maintenance work.

reasonable placement is an important part of cigarette cigarette sales, clean the counter striking cigarette, not only can attract more attention of consumers, but also to stimulate consumer desire to buy, promote sales, increase profits. In this regard, the author summed up the four aspects of cigarette display methods, in order to improve the effect of cigarette display:

cigarette smoke display method:

1, attention should be paid to distinguish the color of cigarettes.

many retail customers love to the same color on a cigarette, such as red together red, blue and blue together, so that more beautiful, in fact, this is wrong, because consumers see the same color of the cigarette, at the time of the purchase will not start, and the same color will make consumers mistakenly think that the price is the same, prone to misunderstanding. I think, in the arrangement of cigarette, the cigarette varies in different colors display way, consumers are relatively easy to distinguish, and secondly, can also choose their favorite brands of instant.

2, the implementation of the new central display law to attract consumers.

in the promotion of new cigarette, to guide the retailer to the new cigarette is placed in the central cabinet cigarettes in this way, the most eye-catching, first printed into the eye is the new cigarette, consumers are often out of curiosity, try this new. According to the author of the area of a lingshouhu on-the-spot investigation, when Guangdong got Double Happiness on the first day, the center of the smoke on the counter, highlighting the new atmosphere of the smoke, one day down, the smoke will hit a record 8 days sales package.

3, Chen Lieyi from high to low cigarette arrangement.

this is the most widely used most widely used method of cigarette display in general, retail customers are mostly set can be put into the counter two rows of cigarette width and length, they also love cigarette prices ranging from high to low order, such as the following:

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