New direction of entrepreneurship innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

now more and more college students will start to do business as a new platform for the realization of the dream, but also a lot of entrepreneurial students through this platform in the pursuit of their dreams.

summer high school, I have to choose the 3 part-time jobs, in order to pave the way for Entrepreneurship: shop workers, understand the state of the economy society the most basic; a restaurant waiter, with high-end crowd, broaden their horizons; court civil court clerk assistant, learn legal knowledge.

now in retrospect, the idea is not so easy to implement. The real fight in the market, think better than their peers mature a little. I still often louqie.

2014 in March, the little two formally launched, when the user growth rate can reach more than 240%. Just a month, online ordering business has covered the entire urban area. Just a few days of unpredictable situation, along with the hungry, and the United States take away one after another into the two or three line of the city, my project died again – only a month, the little two stop operations.

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