Go with the business will encounter capital cold

China’s entrepreneurial flow so that a lot of entrepreneurs have lost their way, choose the business needs to be calm and cautious, especially in this entrepreneurial tide, encountered capital Hallyu is an absolute crisis.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" has been the social hot words. But since last year, many entrepreneurs feel the cold snap in the capital market, that entrepreneurial innovation does not seem to be welcomed by the capital market.

soup of new full lake person "Hotel, brother", is the founder of professional event search and booking platform "Brother Hotel". At the beginning of March, he announced in the "Hotel brother", and then launched a new brand called "MeetingBest", deep market conference activities.

in order to reserve a hotel as the main content of the conference market, early Ctrip, where industry heavyweights involved, why choose this soup of new full market? In his words, is "market segments can be more of a fine".

"segments" not only allows entrepreneurs to find opportunities in the big side, investors are optimistic about the direction of innovation and. Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue believes that in order to innovate in the field of service, only in the medical, health, finance and other segments of the vertical depth do fine. He believes that before the combination of services and the Internet can only be said to be one meter deep sea level and active Internet venture, and now need to be more than ten meters and the depth of the water to go". In his view, from the comprehensive reform of the product, the service of a comprehensive vertical deepening, resource allocation and other aspects of the re architecture perspective, the Internet era of service innovation has just begun.

quality into consideration

capital leaders

"digital" is one of the many entrepreneurs take the most love to investors to see the content: APP download quantity, number, the number of new users browse, transaction data, all digital. These seem to be able to intuitively and accurately show the momentum of a project, a team. But the real capital partner Ren Jianqiong pointed out

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