Anhui nternet platform in 2012 started financing over 3 billion yuan

the advent of the Internet to provide a great convenience for our lives, while the use of the Internet to do business has become the choice of many people. In recent years, the rapid growth of Internet banking platform in Anhui. According to statistics, Anhui P2P network lending and other Internet platforms began in 2012. Reporters from the people’s Bank of China Hefei branch was informed that in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet banking industry in Anhui, as of 2016, Anhui Internet financial institutions have nearly 300, the scale of financing over 3 billion yuan.

in recent years, the rapid growth of Internet banking platform in Anhui. According to statistics, Anhui P2P lending network Internet platform started in 2012 2013, the province’s total number of Internet financial development to 21, 2014 increased to 65, the total number has exceeded 120, accounting for about 4.5% of the country, the number of upper echelon ranks second in the country.

at the same time, accelerate the pace of transformation of traditional financial institutions. At the beginning of this year, the Merchants Bank launched the Internet financial services platform "Anhui often money"; the province’s rural cooperative financial institutions to develop Internet banking, mobile phone bank, community bank "e"; the state securities, Huaan securities are actively using the Internet technology, reshaping the business model, speed up transformation and upgrading. In addition, Anhui listed companies and venture capital background platform also emerge, a number of large state-owned enterprises are also actively planning to enter the field of Internet banking.

positive role in the initial emergence of Internet banking. Anhui P2P net loan platform has launched a consumer loans, business loans, financial loans and other financing models, give full play to the small, fast, convenient features. Raise the public to raise the platform to raise the public to raise the total number of shares, the cumulative fund-raising 87 million yuan. According to preliminary calculations, the cumulative Small and micro businesses financing nearly 10 billion yuan in Anhui Internet financial platform, to some extent alleviate the problem of financing Small and micro businesses.

people’s Bank of China Hefei branch relevant responsible person said, in order to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, improve the quality and efficiency of financial services, the people’s Bank of Hefei Central Branch of the strict access and behavior management, strengthen financial monitoring, strengthen network and information security management, and regulation of unfair competition efforts.

Anhui Internet platform started in 2012, the scale of financing over 3 billion yuan, the pace of development is very fast, but in the process of rapid development, the quality of the enterprise is still not a lack of strict checks. "The next step, we will strengthen the guidance of financial institutions, to promote exchanges and cooperation in the downstream Internet financial industry, strengthen the Internet financial products testing and certification system, to provide policy support and good technical support for the development of Internet financial innovation." The person in charge said.

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