Open Home Furnishing jewelry stores experience

open home jewelry stores, the need to do a good job in site management. Many franchisees are new to this type of business is not very clear. Xiao Bian finishing of the site and the decoration of the notes, I hope to help the franchisee to do a good job of investigation and analysis, a comprehensive multi factor, to choose a suitable business strategy.

1. traffic is very important: busy streets, downtown, public station next to consider.

2. with well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc..

3. using the "cluster" effect: if the shop’s products have obvious advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

4. choose the "low density" area: if the shop is not obvious characteristics of product or business experience is not rich enough, the opponent may avoid competition, choose Home Furnishing jewelry stores "low density" coverage of the place.

1. shop: to reflect the feminine feeling, to create a soft and delicate atmosphere of women, it is best to have light, music.

2. shop: to eye-catching, visual impact, attractive, so that consumers at first glance.

3. Name: novel, close to consumers, and the overall style of the decoration.

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