After the success of the small business in Jiangsu to return home to promote the development of trad

now the whole society, there are many entrepreneurs will have to choose to return to their hometown to start when you have some business strength, a young man in Zhejiang is the obligation of business success in business success back home.

80s and 90s

2011 years, the history of the Yiwu Institute of Commerce and industry to go to school, the school was soon attracted by a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, he began lobbying his father to open shop, put the fur on the Internet sales. The first month, Taobao shop only sold 3 goods, but Shi Guangji did not give up, through continuous learning, exploration, accumulation, his shop business is getting better and better, one day there are more than a dozen single business. To the winter, up to a day more than and 300 single business, profit of nearly $20 thousand.

at the same time in the whole society, there are many such cases, we are telling a truth, to promote the construction and development of the home is the ultimate goal of many entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs, and local governments are actively promoting people home business.


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