Electricity supplier industry reshuffle O2O burn behind the cold war thinking

a year ago it was very difficult to imagine what fruit in the online experience, and with the O2O craze sweeping the globe, from food and fitness, all walks of life have been occupied by the O2O model, O2O venture project has flooded the market, business groups have toward the field of O2O.

O2O Jiaore industry segments

O2O entrepreneurship everywhere in Dongguan, in addition to the financial strength of large enterprise groups, as well as grassroots entrepreneurs. O2O can be said to enter the various segments of the industry, finance, real estate, housekeeping, hairdressing, beauty and even nails have a dedicated O2O entrepreneurial platform.

The first half of the year,

O2O in Dongguan probably began in 2014 when the financial institutions have to build community banks, and large enterprise group O2O project quickly landed in Dongguan, such as Vanke fifth canteen "," Happy Street ", SF launched 518 online shopping service area stores hey passengers etc..

When the

The development of

as established in 2014 at the end of the recommended washing O2O

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