Beijing colorful windmill Park eye popping

a lot of people know that the wife cake is no wife, just like the people of Beijing colorful Kite Festival brochure and see the scenery is really different from the general. The organizers of the propaganda materials, under the blue sky and white clouds, green lawn, a row of colored windmill dancing in the wind, in order to give people unlimited imagination. It is precisely because of this, many people through the set like way, hoping to get a free ticket.

actually, colorful windmill festival scene, so many people came to the scene surprise. Yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw at the Tongzhou District willow resort windmill festival site, the event is only two the size of a basketball court.

staff confirmed that only a few rows of iron hanging on the iron fence rows, and after the last few tourists picking. In addition, due to the limited organizers, the first day of the windmill festival was once again due to lack of organization and chaos. Disappointment is the first impression of the majority of the scene of the public.

is not exactly the same as the promotional photos

"Scene chaos no organization." Referring to the windmill festival in March 18th, Mr. Cao could not help complaining. Mr. Cao mouth "windmill Festival" name "Tongzhou first colorful windmills amusement park", is located at the Tongzhou District willow resort.

held a week before the event, the organizers of the publicity articles accompanied by shock struck, unlimited free ticket delivery and other key words in the circle of friends began a large number of forwarding rally.

colorful Kite Festival with friends circle rally, so that people feel incredible, especially to the scene to see the same. This chaotic situation continued until the end of the day on March 18th. On the evening of 18, Tongzhou WeChat, commissioned by the organizers issued a document called the notice, in March 19th the windmill Festival "cancelled", the organizers explained, the event was cancelled because of the "March 18th Tongzhou colorful windmill Festival too hot, tourists enthusiasm, amusement park most of the windmill was removed, There is not much left".

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