North District of Xining city to build seven core areas

In order to promote the North District of Xining City, industrialization, urbanization, marketization and modernization construction, the construction of a modern infrastructure system, appropriate facilities, safe and efficient, the North District plans to invest 22 billion 140 million yuan, to launch seven key area project, create a set of scientific research, business, residential, public green space, square, as one of the diversified multi function core area.

is one of the important plots Menyuan Road area of the overall development of pilot projects in Xining City, East Bridge Street, West Road, South Lake Menyuan Road, north to Tianjun Road, the planning area of about 2621 acres, mainly for residential, commercial, education, scientific research, public green land parking lot and the protection of cultural relics, the total estimated investment of 14 billion 90 million yuan. The area has a national level and city level sites — Shen Na site comprehensive park – Begonia Park, through the protection of the development of the site and comprehensive utilization of the ecological park area, enhance the function level and development value. This project will be to maximize the value of land use as the core, to enhance the function of the layout optimization as the goal, the area into a successful model to promote the comprehensive transformation of the city, has driven the rapid development of the north area of the engine.

addition, Chengbei district will strive to create area – province Sijian block, yakwool block, Qilian road block, salt Zhuang plots, angle plots, plots of warehouse tobacco companies Qaidam road thermal power company, mainly for residential and commercial, in order to promote the transformation of Chengbei district by a single center to multi pattern, multi center, multi function city pattern. (author: Peng Na,)


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