2015 Xining urban garbage all harmless treatment

September 29th, reporters from the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction to understand, before the date of our province issued "on the further strengthening of the province’s urban garbage disposal work opinions", put forward by the next two years of efforts, and effectively increase the urban living garbage treatment efforts to improve the living garbage reduction, recycling and harmless level, efforts to improve the urban living environment.

according to the opinions requirements, to 2015, the province’s urban garbage disposal work to achieve the development goals of the three areas. All cities and counties in the province should be built garbage harmless treatment facilities. A city life garbage treatment rate reached more than 90%, among them, the full realization of Xining urban living garbage harmless treatment; county seat and key towns have garbage treatment capacity, the county garbage harmless treatment rate reached more than 60%, the other major town life garbage treatment rate reached more than 50%. Encourage qualified cities to promote the construction of municipal solid waste incineration facilities.

set up the city’s urban waste utilization ratio reached 30%. Among them, Xining city construction has become a model city garbage classification, the proportion reached 50% of solid waste resource utilization, the whole processing basically reached the kitchen garbage collection classification. The basic establishment of the town of domestic waste management system.

the basic realization of the province’s urban garbage harmless treatment, the full implementation of garbage collection and disposal. Domestic waste treatment facilities and services to small towns and rural extension, urban and rural domestic waste treatment is close to the national average.


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