A public opinion study open up a fresh outlook

11 month 22 days to 24 days, a large public open the curtain open up a fresh outlook koala, carried out by the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau organized the city to report to the people, please review the people "live activities held from three departments of industry leaders, responsible person to face the people in politics, have lamented the public opinion caused the pressure of. But this "public exam" in the media and social concerns, repeatedly boarded the news triggered public hot topic.

in this field will open up a fresh outlook the final exams, to accept the Council’s three departments, in accordance with the municipal government requirements, on whether to adhere to the people-oriented, the concept of governing for the people, whether to seek livelihood, livelihood, livelihood solution urgent need to do, whether to change the style of work, to the grassroots and the masses service etc. about the problem of popular opinion, conscientiously sum up the work, listen to the opinions of the masses, objective and impartial reporting.

in front of the camera, the spotlight, we see the excitement, nervousness, anxiety, regret, approval and satisfaction. Through these complex expressions, we see the units of the "public opinion forces" of the real perception! Report to the people, please review the people "live through live interaction, on-site evaluation, expert comments, leadership position and other procedures, to create the pressure conduction mechanism of an instant accessibility, intended to ensure the perception by the pressure of public opinion", to be reviewed unit to send a message: as a public sector, public service industry that should not only be responsible to their superiors, but also to be responsible to the people!

"is the direction of people’s satisfaction is the standard." The image of the party and the government in efforts to resolve the people’s livelihood greatly enhance the problem.

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