This year the basic shape of the expansion of the Central Plaza

recently, the reporter from the central square of the North expansion resettlement area and the construction site of the North Square project to understand, at present the central square of the North expansion project in the resettlement area and the North Square building has been fully opened, the central square overall expansion will be completed this year will be the underground structure, the basic shape.
the central square of the North expansion project for the provincial key construction projects, a project including the comprehensive utilization project of North Square project, comprehensive resettlement projects, the Yangtze River Road underground space, the total construction area of about 590 thousand square meters; the two phase of the project for the Yangtze River Road East of the remaining land development and construction. North Plaza project includes five parts: Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Youth Activity Center, underground commercial complex, square landscape project and emergency shelter. At present, the North Plaza project has entered the construction stage, one section will be completed in May this year, the underground structure, beginning on greening and pipeline laying; two section will reach the underground structure flat in September, and strive to complete the Youth Activity Center at the end of the main cap; three section of the underground structure will be completed in October, completed the city planning exhibition hall at the end of the main construction. The resettlement area foundation pit engineering project is completed, A, B, C, D four building area is the main structure of the construction will be completed this year 50%, A building exterior, B, building C to the main cap, D building completed 30 floors on the ground.


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