Province in February to start the spring action will be held more than 50 special job fairs

in early February, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the Provincial Federation of women’s Federation will start in 2015 spring action for all types of workers with employment aspirations to provide services.

it is reported that this year the "spring action" the service object is the transfer of jobs to workers, all kinds of agricultural and pastoral areas have entrepreneurial aspirations of the agricultural and pastoral areas of workers, the recruitment needs of the employing units, training needs of agricultural and pastoral areas, other workers have the entrepreneurial intention of labor employment. The province’s social departments, trade unions and women’s organizations through labor demand research, strengthen employment promotion, organize special recruitment, expand the supply and demand docking, the implementation of the employment policy and other activities, so that a desire for training agricultural and pastoral workers receive free skills training, so that the transfer of labor force in agricultural and pastoral areas to get free employment information effectively, and organized labor export the urban resident services, agricultural and pastoral areas of employment transfer workers receive the equalization of public employment services to migrant workers obtain employment and entrepreneurship service.

2015 spring action will continue until the end of March, the province is expected to be held in the "spring action" special recruitment of more than 50 games, to provide free services to 120 thousand people, the local enterprises to absorb rural labor employment 20 thousand people, the success of 47 thousand trans regional transfer of labor, business services 3 thousand people and organizations to participate in the occupation skill training 5 thousand people. To provide legal aid services and labor rights of 12 thousand people, the integrity of the enterprise 500 recommended employment standard, recommended credit services more than 50.


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