The world bank offers 120 million in concessional loans to Xining city traffic

World Bank Loan in Qinghai, Xining city transportation project, recently completed negotiations in the World Bank headquarters in Washington, the world bank to provide $120 million loan agreement will be effective in April 2014.

World Bank loan Qinghai Xining urban transportation project total investment of 1 billion 530 million yuan, of which the world bank loan of $120 million (equivalent to RMB 730 million yuan), domestic matching funds of $800 million. The main projects include: Construction of three total length of 8.21 kilometers of new city road, covers an area of 14.19 hectares, the total construction area of about 222 thousand square meters of Yan village passenger transfer center, construction of bus dispatching center, the purchase of Smart Dispatch monitoring equipment, bus priority demonstration corridor built a total length of 15.7 km, an upgrade of Xining city traffic command center, to make it more modern and intelligent city traffic management, and design related topics research, project management and technical support, professional skill training and public education etc..


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