To learn the basic construction to promote the work of the government

August 5th, mayor, municipal Party Secretary Wang Yubo presided over the enlarged meeting of the municipal Party committee to study and implement the provincial, municipal committee spirit, arrangements for the implementation of the work. Wang Yubo stressed that the twelve session of the six provincial and municipal thirteen session of the nine committee to strengthen the "important deployment of base construction, and the second half of the work to conduct a comprehensive arrangement. We must improve the ruling level, from the realization of the strategic task of understanding the "three basic" building of great significance and long-term significance of understanding the "Three Basics" from construction to enhance the governance capacity and governance level, from the practical significance of the stability of the reform and development of understanding the "three basic" building, with a high degree of political consciousness, fearless responsibility identify the base construction and reform, development, stable work, combined with the point of contact point, the starting point, to the "three basic" construction to promote the work of the center, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks. Wang Yubo requirements, it is necessary to seriously study the leadership of the speech, conference papers. Luo Huining, Secretary of the aspirational speech, specific requirements, both of the brave play, and is responsible for the long-term height; governor Hao Peng’s speech pragmatic Qiushi, a dialectical analysis, there is a comprehensive plan for more work requirements; Wang Jianjun secretary’s speech is provincial requirements and actual situation of mastery, embodies the dialectical view, pragmatic dry and strict requirements. To effectively enhance the work in the study of consciousness, initiative, the municipal government should focus on the implementation of the spirit of the city to carry out the spirit of the meeting to deploy, to request. The two is to make the base construction as an important part of government work and the important guarantee. The "Three Basics" work relates to the overall situation, and is closely related to the work of the government, is a powerful starting point for the work to promote the protection of the government. To promote the "Three Basics" work in the spirit of reform, support the base construction with responsibility attitude, strengthening the self construction of the government to the "three basic" requirements, to ensure that the government system of grass-roots organizations, effective operation of powerful execution, the people trust the government system; basic work, pragmatic and effective legal compliance, satisfaction of the masses; the basic ability of government personnel system to meet the needs of work, play promising, accepted by the masses. Three is staring at the annual target, the first to courageously. A class of municipal government and all localities and departments should strengthen confidence and work will, sober and dialectical analysis on the development of the city to look at me with the same period last year saw the completion of the gap, the gap between the indicators, see with the provincial government requirements, the stated objectives and tasks of the gap, and development of the concept of state, see the gap between reason and research initiatives an index analysis of a target, implement the work requirements, implement policies and measures to implement the responsibility. The four is to pay close attention to the difficult work, struggling to tackle tough. Unremitting efforts to control the atmosphere, go all out for the stability of the price, pay close attention to the promotion of employment steady income, and constantly strengthen production safety, and continue to do a good job of social stability.  

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