Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen the matter after the supervision of 1708 lo


9 month, Industrial and Commercial Bureau combined state and local provincial departments to further deepen the reform of commercial system, strengthen supervision, to carry out long-term business enterprises not clean up, improve the authenticity and accuracy of the main stock market data. Up to now, the province has not yet cleaned up a total of 1708 companies do not operate. Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public revoked the business license of 43 companies, municipalities and counties, county market regulatory authorities in accordance with the jurisdiction of the law is in accordance with the provisions of the business license revocation procedures.

in the clean-up work, the province at all levels of business and market supervision department through several rounds of consultations with the IRS, tax and other relevant departments, formulate long-term business enterprises not clear work program, clear annual report in 2013 to the 2015 province for three consecutive years are not submitted or not report information publicity, undeclared and unable to contact the company all included in the scope of tax clearance. At the same time, in the Qinghai daily, the West Sea city newspaper issued a notice on the liquidation of the long-term suspension of the business is not operating, the long-term closure of the enterprise did not operate a publicity notice. On this basis, the province’s industry and commerce at all levels and market supervision departments to take the call, on-site inspections and other methods, statistics, screening for three consecutive years did not submit annual report or annual report information publicity companies, respectively to the tax, the tax department transferred to the 2058 quasi clear list; state and local departments according to business and market the supervision department provides the list of serious data, eliminating duplicate data and normal taxpayer data, and the formal reply to the industry and Commerce and the market supervision department, the final 1708 households need to clean up the list of enterprises. The province’s industrial and commercial and market supervision of these enterprises in strict accordance with the procedures for handling cases, according to law.

it is reported that the next step, the province’s industrial and commercial and market regulators will continue to strengthen cooperation with the national tax, local tax authorities, according to the law for the long-term closure of the business is not open to clean up, more effective maintenance of market order.


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