Xining four computing standards enforcement behavior

In the party’s mass line of educational practice, Xining city law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the satisfaction of the masses as the starting point, efforts to solve the last mile problem of the vital interests of the masses and the style of construction services, release positive energy through the "four operations", set up the new image of honest and pragmatic people.

in the purpose of the people on the "plus". Adhere to rely on the masses to engage in activities, the masses involved in the whole process of activities. Carry out the "visit hearing" and "open remonstrance", "police and law enforcement officers stationed in the village", "Five" activities to "point record." and "twinning registration card", "convenience services contact box" platform to build ties with the masses, listen to their opinions and suggestions to law enforcement for the people, serving the masses to extend the reach of the grassroots level. In the process of "minus" negative. Through active consultation, timely revealing problems, respond to the demands of the masses, Jane and work flow, solve masses law enforcement problems. At present, the city’s total cancellation, decentralization, and approval 73, 37 municipal departments of examination and approval of the reduction from the original 342 to 276, reduced 19.3%; the 10 items of the 7 departments from the original commitments for the adjustment for the 208 items on applications, the overall compression processing time is more than 35%. Fair law enforcement on the ride effect. The law enforcement and supervision departments to improve the service efficiency from the perspective of law enforcement work, carefully combing link and process barriers, blocking point, actively improve the working methods, continue to refine the implementation of convenience initiatives, people get benefits. In the style of construction in addition to dust. Adhere to start from the first feeling of the people, which is not satisfied in which efforts to change the "ugly face, so ugly, the door is hard, difficult to deal with bad style, let people feel the law enforcement and supervision departments and law enforcement service image of real change. To investigate the use of official vehicles in violation of the relevant provisions of the issue of management 5, given party discipline 5 people, 13 people informed criticism, admonishing conversation 2, warning interviewed 14 people.  

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