Xining is the birthplace of the original ecological dance

– interview with the municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda department minister, art festival organizing committee secretary general Wang Haihong

today, by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xining Municipal People’s government, Chinese Dancer Association Chinese · Qinghai Xining international original dance and modern dance festival kicked off, from different countries and different regions of the original ecological dance and modern dance artists will gather together in Xining, Hyun dance passion. Why did the reporter held such an International Dance Festival and other issues, the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda, art festival organizing committee secretary general Wang Haihong interview.

reporter: where is the inspiration for an international dance and modern dance festival held in Xining?

Wang Haihong, Xining, has a long history of thousands of years of living in this land of our ancestors created a shine with great splendor culture, left a rich material culture and intangible cultural wealth for us. Here is the junction of the Tibetan Plateau and the Loess Plateau, Tangfangudao and silk road winds through here, grassland farming culture and culture here together, this mysterious and magical land has accumulated rich culture, also gave birth to a highly developed civilization art, shining the light out of the ordinary.

1973 in Qinghai Xining Datong County unearthed tombs unearthed in the ring arm tage dance basin, so that we see the visual image of ancient dance art. At the same time, many ethnic minorities in Xining, there are 35 ethnic Han, Hui, Mongolian, Tibetan, Tu, Sala, Manchu, provides rich soil for the Xining unique culture, every nation and folk songs, "four seasons song" was widely sung, flowers and youth "dance" swept the country, "Ann called" and "wheels". Several times in the national and provincial major activities in the debut exhibition, banquet song, camel dance has distinctive national style. Tibetan unique color, rich connotation, Chinese art evaluation "Qinghai opera, folk songs in the world" "Layi" mildly long, romantic and uninhibited Tibetan dance. Temple dance religious strong, mysterious and rough. According to statistics, the province has 1400 kinds of folk dance, folk song nearly ten thousand. Xining art and dance have a deep origin, at the same time, Xining also has abundant resources of all these, the art of dance, dance art festival culture laid the good foundation for Xining, provides favorable conditions of culture.

reporter: this festival is the theme of "dance, dance heritage quest source context", why should the original dance and modern dance together?

Wang Haihong: anthropologists believe that since the human race, there has been a dance. The most primitive qualities of dance are most evident in our original dance, which awakens our original memory of the blood of a nation, for it is a call from life. Xining Datong on the sun unearthed in the dance of the painted pottery basin is by far the world’s earliest records of the ancient primitive ring dance of the ancient pottery, can be;

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