Xining city meteorological environmental protection new Lane community residents garbage for prizes

shopping malls have points card, the end of the feedback activities; garbage collection in the community can also get points card, also prizes. March 10th, the city of Xining, north of the meteorological community launched a clean home round on the move, with an integral card to encourage residents to participate in garbage collection.

North meteorological Lane community has 52 units. Although the area within the courtyard of the hospital, the streets have special cleaning, cleaning up garbage, but there are people littering.

community staff sit together to discuss how to solve this vexing problem, after much deliberation, the final decision to issue points card. Pick up a bag of garbage, you can get an integral card, you can accumulate a point, accumulated to 10 points, you can get prizes for free.

garbage collection can also win? Residents rushed to the community committee to consult the points and prizes related matters. "Hey, picking up trash can earn a towel home." One resident: "really fake half believe and half doubt?" Neighborhood committee director Shi Xiuling quickly clarified: absolutely true. If you can accumulate 100 points, there are better prizes." Chen Chen community joke: This is absolutely the province’s original! Not only beautify the environment, but also to awaken people’s awareness of environmental protection."


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