Xining light pollution nuisance problem

recently, the municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Ning and some of the city CPPCC members, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for the thirteen session of the Xining Municipal Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the fourth meeting of the proposed inspection and supervision.

this year, the Municipal Council of Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau for the transfer of a total of five members of the proposal, the proposal is mainly around the downtown area of light pollution control, air pollution control and other content. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau after receiving the proposal, according to the division of the offices of all the issues involved to contractors, and clear processing time. Led by the leaders in charge for all the proposals and come face-to-face with members of communication; all the proposals to the committee made a written reply, issued a consultation table, all received feedback from members; all proposals handling and recovery, are members of the praise.

for members of the attention on Governance in downtown city lots of light pollution, light pollution is becoming increasingly serious key proposals to curb nuisance problems, municipal environmental protection bureau to strengthen the city landscape lighting planning and design, and actively promote the use of new technologies of energy saving and environmental protection, and the installation of intelligent control system in the implementation of the stairs. For monitoring the whole staircase lighting. At the same time, according to the "standard" design of city nightscape lighting, the lighting will be strictly controlled in the light illuminated area, limiting interference light lamps, which illuminated in the region beyond the overflowing light of not more than 15%, light pollution to avoid or reduce the night lighting.


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